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Our Lady of Victories First Holy Communion

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Peter Paredes and I am a professional photographer specialising in family and event photography having covered events such as this for over 8 years. I have been asked to be the official photographer at this year’s First Holy Communion and so the purpose of this page is to provide you with all the information about the photography service I can provide should the demand exist.

I have been informed that the finalised dates are Saturday 12th May at 11am and Saturday 19th May at 11am.

Family Photos

The most popular images my clients purchase are the family photos which are taken before and after the mass. Families who are interested in having these family photos must book a time slot in advance. These time slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis however there are only limited slots available. Due to a number of no shows during previous events I require a non refundable booking fee to be paid to secure your time slot.

I will capture as many images as I can during your allocated time slot but please be aware that these are only 3 minutes long. For this reason I need families who wish to photographed to be ready 5 minutes before their slot but remember that although I will try my best to keep to time this can sometimes be delayed for reasons outside my control. Please take a look at the video slideshow above to see examples of the family images. The location of exactly where the photos will be taken will be decided by myself on the day and will depend on external factors such as the weather, lighting and building work taking place on the day.

  • Group Photo 1

What Next?

Although I have been asked to be the official photographer for this event, I am not paid by the church so I first need to make sure there is demand for my photography services. This year I am offering a number of packages which save you money if purchased in advance. These are as follows:

Print Packages

Bronze Package £50 - includes family booking slot and five 7x5 prints including P&P saving £45

Silver Package £100 - includes family booking slot, six 7x5 prints and two 10x8 prints including P&P saving £54

Digital and Print Packages

Gold Package £150 (most popular last year) - includes family booking slot, three images (digital versions and one 7x5 print of each) including P&P saving over £80

Premium Package £195 - includes family booking slot, five images (digital versions and two 7x5 prints of each) including P&P saving over £175

Platinum Package £275 - includes family booking slot, six images (digital versions and one 7x5 prints of each), two 10x8 prints and three 8x6 gift prints provided in 10x8 mounts including P&P saving over £280

Therefore if you are interested in using my services please follow this link to enter your details and choose your package. Then if I have enough bookings, I will email you an invoice to pay. In order to make sure my email is not caught by your spam filter please add events@ParedesPhotography.com to your email address book.

Please book your slot by 12th February 

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally please read through my frequently asked questions below. If you have any questions not answered below then please email me by clicking here.

Q. How do we view our images?

A. Those who have family photos will be sent an email with a link to follow to view the family images. In order to make sure my email is not caught by your spam filter please add events@ParedesPhotography.com to your email address book. The group image will be available to view on this page. 

Q. What are the sizes and prices of the prints?

A. The prints will be available in the standard sizes of 7x5 for £13 and 8x10 for £23. However these prices will be discounted by 20% for any orders places within 2 weeks of the photo gallery going live to £10 and £18 respectively.

Q. How will the prints be delivered?

A. Prints will be delivered by Royal Mail and therefore postage costs will be added to the order. The amount of postage will depend upon the number of prints you order but this will be kept to a minimum.

Q. Can I cancel my slot once booked and paid for if I change my mind?

A. You can cancel your slot however I’m afraid your booking/package fee is not refundable.

Q. Will you be taking any photos during the mass?

A. No, I only take photos before and after the mass. No images will be captured during the ceremony.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know?

A. I will email out some guidance notes to those who book a family slot nearer the time.

Q. If I don’t want a family photo do I need to book?

A. No, you only need to book a slot if you do want some family photos however I am only able to offer my services if there are enough families wanting to book a family slot

If you have any trouble filling out this form then please just email me the information requested above to events@ParedesPhotography.com

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